About Monica

Real Estate Coaching with Monica Thapar

Her Journey

Monica started in the business with no money, no experience, and no sphere of influence; she had nothing to invest but her time.

Without a single lead or listing, she developed a unique and lucrative method that launched her into the Hall of Fame and Circle of Legends.

Having been in the business 16 years, and still active as a full-time agent, Monica has seen it all. She is an active realtor who is in this business with you and knows what it’s like. She understands the ups and downs, the highs and the lows. She gets how unpredictable this business can be.

Come hear Monica speak about her Real Estate journey: from a debt of $300k in 2002 to an individual income of nearly $2M. Listen to Monica’s story - it could be your own!

Despite all her success, Monica has not changed who she is. She remains down to earth, enthusiastic, and genuine, with a great sense of humour!

Her Method


Monica credits her “Let’s Farm” farming methods for her outstanding results in Central Etobicoke (W9) as the #1 Listing and Selling agent since 2006.

She achieved her success through geographical farming: developing business in a specific area or market demographic.

She developed her own approach to farming back in 2002 that combined the building blocks of farming with personal tenets of hard work, consistency, and drive. Over the past 16 years, Monica has refined her farming methods in order to yield maximum levels of success. Rather than keep these trade secrets to herself, Monica has decided to share her award-winning techniques with her fellow realtors.


Monica starts her coaching with a focus on the impact that mindset can have on realtors.

“You need to believe in our own value before you can showcase that value to sellers of your value. If you see yourself as a 6% commission listing agent, you will be able to convince others as well.”

Passionate about teaching, Monica has been helping others learn and grow long before she entered the real estate industry. During her time at a travel agency, she quickly rose through the ranks and was appointed to train her fellow travel agents.

With her natural flair for connecting with people, Monica continues to enjoy training, now as a Real Estate coach.

Her Course

Monica offers a hands-on course that coaches realtors on how to start a geographical farm and make it work.

She has a genuine will to help others succeed and a continued belief that ANYONE can achieve the same success as her, if not more, simply by applying her methods to their own farm.

“Anyone can do it!”

Do what?

  1. Farm a neighbourhood successfully
  2. Stay motivated

Monica’s approach to coaching is unique and no-nonsense. Get ready to work hard and earn more with Let’s Farm by Monica Thapar.